Spring's Top Plants

Spring has sprung!

It’s spring, which means it’s a natural time to focus on gardening. Whether you have a green thumb and have been planning your warm weather garden for months or are a first-time planter, why not add a few more plants to your plot?

Below, we’re sharing the best plants to grow in spring—no matter where you live or what type of greenspace you have.

Spring's Top Plants
Lavender isn’t just a beautiful addition to any greenspace, but it’s an herb with many culinary uses, as well as a fragrant addition to floral arrangements, potpourri and sachets. While native to the Mediterranean, it grows well in cooler climates and as a result has long been a staple in English herb gardens. However, it also thrives in hot sun and dry soil, making it perfect for many locations. If you’re in a more humid climate or one with cold winters, you may want to consider growing lavender in containers — it will flourish with at least 8 hours of sun per day and good drainage.
Dogwoods are a wonderful addition to any garden — and work well as a good, structural plant while also providing an ornamental boost with their gorgeous blooms. Plus, they need very little pruning. Unlike many flowering woody plants, Dogwoods will do well in shade, although they thrive in the sun. However, cool, moist soil is a must — as they won’t grow in hot, dry ground.
Lacking sunlight? Try ajuga — a member of the mint family, is a vigorous growing carpet weed that thrives in a shady environment. Ajuga adds color to your greenspace while decreasing overall maintenance since it requires little attention. Whether you’re looking for a shady solution or a pretty plant that doesn’t require much work, this is a good bet.
Looking for a lower-maintenance flowering plant? Coneflowers, more commonly known as echinacea, come in a beautiful range of colors, are both deer-resistant and attract butterflies. Plus, they are heat and drought resistant, and bloom for many months — which means glorious colors and a garden humming with happy visitors. They bloom in mid-summer and require very little maintenance — just regular watering and full sun.
For the indoor dwellers and beginners, you can’t go wrong with a jade plant (known to sometimes survive over a month without watering thanks to its ability to store water in its leaves) or the common pothos aka “devil’s ivy”. A pothos can survive in extremely dark conditions and tolerate both under and over watering.

Pro Tips

No matter how durable, every plant could use a little help to maintain overall health and wellness. Keep your indoor plants thriving with Arber’s Plant Food, a natural nutritional supplement that improves your plant’s uptake of nutrients. For outdoor plants, try our Bio Protectant for boosting your plant’s growth and warding off pests and disease.

Happy Growing! For more gardening tips, follow along at @growarber. Together, we can grow a better world.
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