What are Biologicals?

Science that even Mother Nature digs.

After 70 years of scientific research, we’ve discovered that nature needs nothing more than nature to heal, adapt, and grow to its full potential.

Biologicals are the powerful, naturally occurring elements proven to prevent disease and unwanted pests and promote unparalleled growth and abundance, all while doing good for us and our mother earth.

How do Biologicals Work?

Our biologicals work via many different mechanisms supporting the entire plant microbiome and soil ecosystem. When used regularly as a preventative method, Arber biologicals will provide immunity boosting effects to ward off disease and strengthen from root to shoot.

"Biologicals harness what nature is doing, emulating natural systems, and accelerating them.”
— Rosario Dawson, The Need To Grow (2018)

Why Biologicals?

  • Safety First

    Because our ingredients are derived from nature, they are safe for people, pets, and the planet, and will not pollute water, air, or soil. Spray, harvest, garden, or play, all in the same day.

  • Doesn’t Harm Beneficial Insects

    Our products contain complex active ingredients that target harmful plant diseases and pests while protecting beneficial insects.

  • Soil Health

    Soil supplies the essential nutrients, water, oxygen and root support that our plants need to grow and flourish. All Arber products contribute to a healthy soil microbiome and as soil health improves, less products need to be used. Arber protects and maintains our most significant non-renewable geo resource, increasing biodiversity and carbon draw down, and leading to greater plant health.

  • Plant Microbiome

    Just like a human’s gut, the bacteria living in and on our plants are essential for their growth, immunity, and nutrition. Synthetic materials deplete a plant's natural ability to defend itself. Arber works with the plant’s naturally occurring defense mechanisms to increase the supply and/or availability of beneficial nutrients and microorganism.

  • Does Not Develop Resistance

    Many chemical and natural products on the market have relatively simple modes of action. A mode of action refers to how the active ingredients of a product work. When the mode of action is simple, this can lead to continual pest problems within your garden and global resistance issues. All Arber formulations contain complex modes of action that significantly minimize the possibility of pest resistance.

Discovery and Development

Our proprietary ingredients are sourced directly from nature

Discovery and Development

Our proprietary ingredients are sourced directly from nature