The Best Gardening Gloves

All of us at Arber spend as much time as possible focusing on our green spaces, house plants, and garden plots, so the tools we use matter.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our all-time favorite gardening tools—from shears to shovels and so much more. What better place to start than garden gloves: the true gardening must-have and one of our favorite things to buy. (In fact, we love garden gloves so much that our founder, Vanessa Dawson, was recently quoted in Business Insider sharing her tips about finding the right glove fit.)

Gardening gloves
Original Mud Glove by Mud Glove are affordable, machine washable gloves are lined in cotton for maximum breathability. We love them for their superior durability, lightweight feel, and the latex grip which extends over the knuckle for ease while gardening.

“A durable cloth on the upper hand and rubber on the side allows for stretch and flexibility while keeping your hands dry digging in the soil” according to our Founder, Vanessa Dawson. For that reason, we really dig Mud Gloves!
We get it — sometimes you want to snap a quick pic of your daffodils or tomato plant while you’re in the midst of planting. The Gardener Touchscreen Gloves by Digz feature a double-reinforced leather palm, stretchable back, four-way spandex for flexibility, and, of course, touchscreen capabilities for a quick ‘gram moment in the garden.
With an extended cuff and ergonomic design, the Rose Pruning Gloves by Exemplary Gardens are perfect for keeping your hands safe and comfortable while gardening. Even better: these ultra-soft gloves are designed for sensitive skin and feature lanolin to moisturize your hands while you garden. Talk about multitasking!
Wells Lamont has been making gloves for over 100 years, so needless to say the Nitrile Coated Gardening Gloves by Wells Lamont are one of our most trusted brands. You can’t go wrong with this style, which features a flexible, ergonomic design, nitrile coating for extra grip, and breathable fabric on the back for comfort.
Sure, they may look a little different, but the rubber claws on the Garden Genie Gloves are perfect for heavy duty gardening jobs. The claws themselves are made from high density rubber with a protective coating, so you never have to worry about cuts or other injuries while gardening.

Pro Tips

  • Keep dry when not in use and out of the sun, as direct sunlight can crack the rubber.
  • Use saddle soap on leather gloves.
  • Keep several of your favorite all-purpose gloves around so you’ll have a fresh pair ready at all times.
Happy Growing! For more gardening tips, follow along at @growarber. Together, we can grow a better world.
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