9 Facts About Veggie Gardens

At Arber, we love everything created in nature starting with the many species of plants. But as much as we love the wide world of gardening, veggie gardens might take the cake for our favorite thing to plant, grow, and nurture.

Why? There’s something about the incredible variety that comes with vegetable gardens: they’re fun to grow, beautiful to look at, and they provide us nourishment. Growing a veggie garden is rewarding and we honor that experience.

Did You Know?


  • The first vegetable garden allotments recorded in history were set up in the 1790s as a response to food shortages and poor harvests
  • During WWII, campaigns were created encouraging individual citizens to create “victory gardens” to help with food shortages caused by labor and transportation services. Nearly 20 million Americans answered the call and planted their own gardens to grow more fruits and vegetables. It’s estimated that 9-10 million tons of fruits and vegetables were grown in these home and community gardening plots.
  • Follow the sun. 8 hours of direct sunlight (per day) is recommended for a vegetable garden.
  • Lacking outdoor space (or a green thumb)? Try growing container-friendly veggies like peppers, tomatoes, little gem lettuce, snowbird peas, and even certain varieties of carrots on your back deck or well-lit windowsill.
  • Start with 4-5 vegetables, grow them well, then move on to increasing the size of your garden.
  • Spinach, lettuce, and green beans are considered to be some of the easiest vegetables to grow and perfect for beginners
  • Tomatoes are really popular. In the United States, more tomatoes are consumed than any other fruit or vegetable.
  • Almost all of the broccoli produced in the U.S. is grown in California.
  • Certain types of worms can eat entire tomato plants by themselves in one day.

Our Picks

Rebecca's Picks
Tarragon is my choice of veggie — I love to sprinkle some into my salads because it’s a small herb with a MIGHTY zest flavor! My go-to Arber product for my veggie garden would be Bio Insecticide to keep any bugs away who also like to eat grens, like me!

Matt's Picks
My favorite veggies to garden are jalapeños! My go-to Arber product to use on my veggie garden is Plant Food.

Priyanka's Picks
My favorite veggie to garden is kale and my go-to Arber product to use on my kale is Bio Insecticide, to keep all the bugs away!

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