Save your plants with Flora!

Arber has partnered with Flora to provide 1 FREE month of Flora Plus to all of Arber's customers!

Flora is an all-in-one plant and gardening app that tells you exactly what you need to do for your plants to thrive.

Unlock Flora Plus

Unlock Flora Plus With Arber

Identify, care, and grow

Flora can identify over 10,000 plants, and give you care guides and reminders so that your plants can thrive - all for free. With Flora Plus, you get access to unlimited diagnosis, fertilization, repotting, and weather tools. Your green thumbs await!

A blooming community

Join over 250,000 plant parents from over 180 countries, all sharing their growth journeys with hundreds of thousands of unique plants.

Get rewarded for your green thumbs

Earn seed points, badges, and unique collectibles for caring for your plants, which you can then spend on plants, Arber products, giveaways, and much more!