7 Fun Facts About Berries

Juicy, rounded, bright colored, sweet and sour. Berries are full of color, whether you are growing strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries, their rich color makes a beautiful statement in any garden or landscape.

Did You Know?

  • The scientific study of blackberries is called ‘batology’. So, a batologist is someone who has a keen interest in blackberries … not bats!
  • While most fruits are green before they ripen to their usual colour, blackberries actually start their life red. Upon ripening, they change from red to black.
  • Strawberries contain natural salicylates, an ingredient found in aspirin. Next time you have a headache, try munching on a few fresh strawberries.
  • The little yellow specks on the outside of strawberries aren’t actually seeds. In fact, they are called achene and are considered by botanists to be tiny little fruits.
  • Yellow, purple, gold or black … these are some of the other colours that raspberries come in. You’ll find that the gold ones are the sweetest of them all.
  • Unlike other fruits, raspberries don’t ripen any more once they have been picked. Instead, aim to pick them at their very best – when they are plump and juicy on the plant.
  • One of the best things about berries is their link to brain health. They reduce inflammation, protect brain cells from free radicals, increase neuroplasticity and much more.

Our Picks

Kalysta’s Picks
Raspberries are my choice of berries — I love adding them to smoothies, desserts, and sandwiches. My go-to Arber product for my berries would be Bio Insecticide to keep any bugs away who also like to eat berry good, like me!

Evan's Picks
I love blackberries because they are super sweet, but also a little bitter and can be enjoyed alone, mixed with other foods, and even used to make a delicious bourbon cocktail. Aphids and other pests can cause issues with growing blackberries, so my Arber Bio Insecticide can help suppress these pests.

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