Our Core Values

We Go Deep

We get our hands dirty to uncover the best product, the best people, the best partners. We’re committed to quality at every level.

Be Bold

We’re leaders. We say what’s on our mind. We’re not afraid to do things differently. We’re not satisfied with the status quo.

Small But Mighty

We punch above our weight. We’re efficient and relentless. We learn together, we grow together, we win together.

Sustain Life

We believe every life matters. Plants. Animals. Humans. All walks of life. All greenspaces. Our business succeeds when life succeeds.

Vanessa Dawson

Founder and CEO

Green Thumb Level: Wannabe Power Gardener

Favorite Plant To Grow: I'm into native grasses right now

Most-Used Arber Product: Bio Protectant — all day every day!

Rebecca Alvandi

Director of Business Development

Green Thumb Level: Inherited from my mom, and perfected by Arber

Favorite Plant To Grow: Lavender to match my calm

Most-Used Arber Product: Bio Fungicide! Who loves mildew?

Matt Friesen

Head of Platform (aka Jack of All Trades)

Green Thumb Level: Learning to crawl...

Favorite Plant To Grow: Fiddly Figs

Most-Used Arber Product: Plant Food, cause my girls are hungry

Hassan Shaban, Ph.D.

Data + Tech

Green Thumb Level: Hit or miss

Favorite Plant To Grow: Ecolawn...hands down

Most-Used Arber Product: Bio Insecticide. Death to lawn grubs!!

Pam Marrone, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Advisor

Green Thumb Level: As green as my thumb can get. Advanced, expert green

Favorite Plant To Grow: Drought tolerant perennials, irises and roses

Most-Used Arber Product: Bio Protectant — right now for transplanting bedding plants and vegetables

Grow with us

Arber is a female-founded and led start-up with wellness at the forefront. We’re a group of passionate individuals trying to make the world better one garden at a time. Join our team and get ready for your career to flourish.

Please contact us for more information regarding future opportunities at Arber.