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Plant Science

Biologicals 101

Arber is a first of its kind Organic Biologicals Plant Wellness company. Our biological formulations contain active compounds and modes of action that are more complex than current Natural standards. We offer a range of Biological Controls and Stimulants that nourish and empower all green spaces and all home growers. Come grow with us.
Organic ingredients. No chemicals, No synthetics
Considers the plant's entire microbiome
Safe for bees and beneficial insects
For regenerative gardening + soil health
Does not create resistance

The Product

Nourish and Protect
Looking for a greener garden, thicker leaves and brighter blooms?
How It Works

Plant wellness is where the power of science meets the force of nature. Arber Biologicals work on the whole plant microbiome and ecosystem—healing from root to shoot, protecting against pests, and bringing nutrients back into the soil.

  • Sam

    Chicago, IL
    “My veggie garden has never been more productive. Or more yummy!"
    For Veggies
    Bio Protectant
  • Lacy

    Wenatchee, WA
    "Our 2-year old lilac was struggling with fungus and leaf spots after a hot, dry summer. The Bio Fungicide brought it back to life!"
    For Florals
    Disease Control
    Bio Fungicide
  • James

    Sacramento, CA
    “Thanks to Arber, my pothos is looking greener than ever.”
    For Indoor Plants
    Plant Food

Your Green Spaces

Plant Care As Nature Intended
Addressing your most common pest and disease problems.
Your Plant Wellness Program

A system to heal your plants from soil to stem.